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In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (1) of Article 54 read with clause (3) of Article 56 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the President has been pleased to summon both Houses to assemble together in the Parliament House, Islamabad on Tuesday, the 16th April, 2024 at 4:00 p.m. | Today In National Assembly: 04:00 PM: National Assembly Session |

Daily Bulletin (14th Assembly 2013-2018)

56th Session (Budget) From 27th Apr to 31st May 2018

55th Session From 10th Apr to 13th Apr 2018

54th Session From 9th Mar to 16th Mar 2018

53rd Session From 1st Mar to 2nd Mar 2018

52nd Session From 12th Feb to 20th Feb 2018

12th Joint Sitting 26th Jan 2018

51st Session From 12th Jan to 25th Jan 2018

50th Session From 7th Dec to 21st Dec 2017

49th Session From 16th Nov to 21st Nov 2017

48th Session From 2nd Nov to 6th Nov 2017

47th Session From 2nd Oct to 11th Oct 2017

46th Session From 11th Sep to 21st Sep 2017

45th Session From 29th Aug to 30th Aug 2017

44th Session From 1st Aug to 22nd Aug 2017

43rd Session (Budget Session) From 23rd May to 14th Jun 2017

11th Joint Sitting (Address by the President) 1st Jun 2017

42nd Session From 15th May to 18th May 2017

41st Session From 12th Apr to 21st Apr 2017

40th Session From 6th Mar to 22nd Mar 2017

39th Session From 26th Jan to 7th Feb 2017

38th Session From 14th Dec to 20th Dec 2016

37th Session From 18th Nov to 30th Nov 2016

10th Joint Sitting 17th Nov 2016

36th Session From 26th Sep to 7th Oct 2016

9th Joint Sitting From 5th Oct to 7th Oct 2016

35th Session From 2nd Sep to 9th Sep 2016

34th Session From 1st Aug to 17th Aug 2016

33rd Session (Budget) From 31st May to 24th Jun 2016

8th Joint Sitting (Address by the President) 1st Jun 2016

32nd Session From 9th May to 20th May 2016

31st Session From 7th Apr to 15th Apr 2016

7th Joint Sitting From 21st Mar to 11th Apr 2016

30th Session From 14th Mar to 25th Mar 2016

29th Session From 12th Feb to 26th Feb 2016

28th Session From 1st Jan to 21st Jan 2016

27th Session From 7th Dec to 18th Dec 2015

26th Session From 20th Nov to 27th Nov 2015

25th Session From 6th Nov to 11th Nov 2015

24th Session From 27th Jul to 13th Aug 2015

23rd Session (Budget) From 5th Jun to 25th Jun 2015

6th Joint Sitting (Address by the President) 4th Jun 2015

22nd Session From 18th May to 19th May 2015

21st Session From 20th Apr to 29th Apr 2015

5th Joint Sitting 21st Apr 2015

4th Joint Sitting From 6th Apr to 10th Apr 2015

20th Session From 16th Mar to 27th Mar 2015

19th Session 4th Mar 2015

18th Session From 2nd Feb to 13th Feb 2015

17th Session From 1st Jan to 16th Jan 2015

16th Session From 26th Nov to 8th Dec 2014

15th Session From 20th Oct to 31st Oct 2014

3rd Joint Sitting From 2nd Sep to 18th Sep 2014

14th Session From 4th Aug to 1st Sep 2014

13th Session 2nd Jul 2014

12th Session (Budget) From 3rd Jun to 21st Jun 2014

2nd Joint Sitting (Address by the President) 2nd Jun 2014

11th Session From 5th May to 16th May 2014

10th Session From 24th Mar to 8th Apr 2014

9th Session From 24th Feb to 7th Mar 2014

8th Session From 27th Jan to 7th Feb 2014

7th Session From 5th Dec to 20th Dec 2013

6th Session From 4th Nov to 12th Nov 2013

5th Session From 16th Sep to 27th Sep 2013

4th Session From 13th Aug to 30th Aug 2013

3rd Session 29th Jul 2013

2nd Session (Budget) From 12th Jun to 28th Jun 2013

1st Joint Sitting (Address by the President) 10th Jun 2013

1st Session From 1st Jun to 5th Jun 2013

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