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In exercise of the powers conferred by proviso to rule 4 of the Parliament (Joint Sittings) Rules, 1973, the Hon. Speaker has been pleased to call the Sitting of the Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) on Monday, the 10th April, 2023 at 11.00 a.m. instead of Wednesday, the 15th March, 2023 at | Committee Meetings:11:00 AM: 44th meeting of the SC on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination (Postponed) at Constitution Room (Old Committee Room No.5) Parliament House | 01:30 PM: Meetings of the Public Accounts Committee (Postponed) at Committee Room No.7, 4th floor Parliament House | 02:00 PM: Federal Education and Professinal Training (Cancelled) at Committee Room No. 7 | 02:00 PM: Cabinet Secretariat (Cancelled) at Constitution Room (Committee Room No.5) | 02:00 PM: Special Committee on Affected Employees at Old PIPS Hall, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad | 04:00 PM: Meetings of the Sub-Committee-IV of PAC (Revised) at Committee Room No. 2 |
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Rededicating ourselves to the cause of democracy, federalism & the rule of law pivotal for stronger, more inclusive& prosperous Pakistan says NA Speaker

Wednesday, 15th March, 2023

 National Assembly Secretariat

Directorate General of Media
Press Release

Rededicating ourselves to the cause of democracy, federalism & the rule of law pivotal for  stronger, more inclusive& prosperous Pakistan says NA Speaker

NA Speaker paid heartfelt tribute  to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Under whose leadership, Constitution of 1973 was drafted  which is  the supreme law of the land

Islamabad 15th March 2023 : Speaker National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf has said that the day of Golden Jubilee celebration of Senate indicates 50 years of  Senate's contribution to strengthening democracy and ensuring national cohesion.He said that this day also marked the achievements of  parliamentary system and its contribution for development of country. He expressed these views while addressing the participants on the occasion of Golden Jubilee Celebration of Senate of Pakistan in Islamabad today.

While outlining the perspective and brief history of Senate , he expressed that it was 1973 Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which  came out with a second House named Senate. He also added,"Provincial autonomy was the long demanded right of provinces brought about by the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, that gave a new and dynamic role to the Senate." He also said that it was 18th Amendment which strengthened the Parliamentary democracy in country.

While talking about the inclusion of senators in the Public Accounts committee (PAC) , he said that it was also a historic development that had been achieved through  systematic and consistent endeavors . He also said , "A bicameral legislature has become the necessity of multicultural federations since it best satisfies the needs of the federating units by giving them equal representation to participate in legislation and accountability processes."

While emphasizing the critical role offered by the Senate , he said that it had served a critical check on the power of the executive and had been instrumental in shaping legislative policies.He said  that this day also  reflects on the past 50 years, we take pride in the Senate's accomplishments in promoting democracy, transparency, and accountability.

Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf paid tribute to all those who have served in the Senate of Pakistan over the past half a century, and to those who continue to serve in this august house.
He also said that this year also celebrates the Golden Jubilee of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, this truly is a momentous occasion for whole nation.He paid heartfelt tribute  to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Under whose  leadership, the Constitution of 1973 was drafted and adopted, which remains the supreme law of the land to this day.  He added, "The Constitution enshrines the principles of democracy, federalism, and the rule of law, and provides for the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms."

The Speaker also said "Today, Pakistan stands at a crossroads of time. We are facing many challenges, but we also have many opportunities." He suggested that let's work together  to take our country towards the light of hope, where progress, prosperity, and peace are possible as it was not time to  rest on  laurel. He  emphasized on working across party lines and personal interests.
Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf also reiterated  that commemoration of such events is of paramount importance, as it allows to reflect on  shared history, celebrate achievements, and renew  commitment to the values and principles that define Pakistani  nation.