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The Sitting of the National Assembly has been adjourned to meet again on Friday, the 9th June, 2023 at 4.00 p.m. |The Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) has been adjourned to meet again on Monday the 10th July, 2023, at, in the Parliament House, Islamabad. Committee Meetings:03:00 PM: 37th meeting of SC on Foreign Affairs at Constitution Room, Parliament House, Islamabad | 04:00 PM: 51st to 68th meetings of Special Committee on Affected Employees at Old PIPS Hall, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad |
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Standing Committee on Climate Change approves the Pakistan Trade Control of Wild Fauna and Flora (Amendment) Bill 2022 (Government Bill).

Tuesday, 7th March, 2023

Islamabad: March 7th, 2023: The National Assembly Standing Committee on Climate Change met today at Parliament House, Islamabad under the Chairpersonship of Ms Nuzhat Pathan, MNA.

2. The Committee after detailed deliberations/discussion approved The Pakistan Trade Control of Wild Fauna and Flora (Amendment) Bill 2022 (Government Bill).

3. The Committee disposed off Question No. 146 regarding environmental pollution causing asthma, cancer, and stunted growth of the children moved by Ms Nuzhat Pathan, MNA, as the hon. mover showed satisfaction with the reply of the ministry and withdrew her agenda.

4. The Committee also disposed off Question No. 117 regarding problems of environmental pollution in regards to producing energy from coal being faced by the country moved by Ms. Tahira Aurangzeb, MNA on the request of Hon. mover of the agenda.

5. The Standing Committee also appointed a Four Members Sub-Committee on the issue of Dasu Dam with the following composition:-

i. Mr. Afreen Khan (Convener)

ii. Ms. Romina Khurshid Alam

iii. Mr. Keso Mal Kheal Das

iv. Ms Tahira Aurangzeb

6. The Committee took serious notice of the attack on DG EPA in Savour Foods, Islamabad on August 18th, 2019 and decided to ask for a follow-up of the case from IG Islamabad and decided to call him in its next meeting on this issue.

7. The Committee decided to meet again on March 10th, 2023 to discuss the issue of rapidly increasing Housing Societies in ICT and its impacts on the environment.

8. The Meeting was attended by Ms. Romina Khurshid Aalma, Ms. Shamim Ara Panwar, Ms. Shakeela Luqman, Ms. Ayesha Rajab Baloch, Ms. Tahira Aurangzeb, Ms.Zeb Jaffar, (online) Mr. Kesomal Khel Das, Eng. Sabir Qaimkhani, and Mr. Afreen Khan MNAS.