Last Updated On: 27th September 2020, 02:07 PM
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Ninth meeting of the Standing Committee on National Food Security & Research was held today
Thursday, 2nd January, 2020

Islamabad the 2nd January, 2020. A Ninth meeting of the Standing Committee on National Food Security & Research was held on 2nd January, 2020 in Committee Room of Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC), Islamabad under the Chairmanship of Rao Muhammad Ajmal Khan, MNA, for comprehensive briefing by Ministry of National Food Security & Research.

2.         The meeting commenced with the recitation from the Holy Quran. The Secretary, M/o National Food Security & Research briefed the Committee that the demand for pulses is increasing day by day with per capita consumption of about 6.0 kg per capita per annum and annual consumption has exceeded 1095 thousand tons. Currently Pakistan is producing only about 501.9 thousand tons of major pulses. Retailer’s price of major pulses in the country is more than double farmer’s market gate cost, which clearly indicates that middle men are fetching more than the producer. The suggested indicative prices per 40 kg of chickpea, lentil, mung bean and mash bean are Rs. 3600, 4800, 4000 and 5800 respectively, which includes investment incentives. The Committee recommended that the PPRA Rule 36 (a) adopted for procurement of pulses may be amended to pave the way for direct procurement of pulses from farmer and also to minimize the role of middlemen.

3.         The representatives of the Engineering Development Board (EDB) apprised the Committee that at present three tractor manufacturing companies are operating in the country. The EDB is in process of adoption of WP-29 vehicle regulation which would internationally standardize the Pakistani tractor manufacturing units but at present WP-29 is only for cars. The Committee was informed that the file for adoption of WP-29 is pending with the M/o Foreign Affairs. The Committee recommended that the M/o Foreign Affairs should expedite the process of adoption of WP-29 vehicle regulation. The Committee also constituted a Sub-Committee under the convener-ship of Chaudry Muhammad Ashraf, MNA to examine the Chamber of Agriculture Bill, 2019.

4.         The meeting was attended by Rai Muhammad Murtaza Iqbal, Mian Muhammad Shafiq Mr. Kamal Uddin, Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, Syed Mobeen Ahmed, Chaudry Muhammad Ashraf, Choudhary Faqir Ahmed, Syed Javed Ali Shah Jillani MNA’s, beside senior officers from the Ministry of National Food Security & Research, Chairman, PARC, M.D. Utility Stores, M.D PASSCO and representatives of Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association also attended the meeting.