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The National Assembly Session has been prorogued on Friday, the 9th November, 2018 |
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Deputy Speaker's Press Release

The funeral prayer of mother of the Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Soori - November 12, 2018

Islamabad, November 12, 2018:  The funeral prayer of mother of the Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Soori who was died last night will be held at Jamia Masjid Chilten Housing Scheme, Quetta after Zhur Prayer today i.e 12.11.2018 and will be buried in Cantonment graveyard near Askari Check Post Cantt. Quetta.

The Fateh Khawani for the departed soul will be held at Soori House, Chilten Housing Scheme Airport Road, Quetta.

China is Pakistan's Selfless and Trustworthy Friend: NA Deputy Speaker - November 9, 2018

Islamabad, November 9, 2018: The Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Soori  has said that China is Pakistan’s selfless and trustworthy friend and always stood with Pakistan in every thick and thin.  He said that Pakistan was proud of its unique friendship with China. He expressed these views while talking to 15 member delegation of National People’s Congress of China (NPC) which met him under the leadership of Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of NPC Mr. Zhang Chunxian at Parliament House on Friday.

The Deputy Speaker said that peoples of both the countries have great respect and affection for each other.  He said that closed contacts between the Parliaments of two countries could play an important role to promote harmony and bring both the nations more closer.  He appreciated China role in economy and social development of Pakistan.  He said that construction of Gwadar Port and other development projects in Balochistan under China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) was the evidence of China’s keen interest in development of prosperity of Balochistan.   He said that China has status of role model for the world due to its rapid development.  He said that Pakistan wanted to take advantages from Chinese experiences in eradication of corruption and poverty from the country.

The Deputy Speaker said that CPEC project is proof of deep and friendly relations between two countries.  He said that Pakistan has fully focused to complete the CPEC project within earliest possible time.  He expressed the confidence that with the completion of CPEC a new era of progress and prosperity usher in the region.  He appreciated the warm welcome extended to Prime Minister Imran Khan by the Chinese leadership and people during his visit to China.  He expressed the optimism that  new vistas of  development and prosperity  will be opened by the recent visit of Prime Minister Imran to China.   He said that the under leadership of Imran Khan present Government striving hard to eradicate corruption and poverty from the country and strengthening the economy.
The Vice Chairman Standing Committee of NPC Mr  Zhang Chunxian said that relations with Pakistan has significant importance in the foreign policy of China.  He said that Pakistan always supported China on regional and global forums.  He assured all out assistance of Chinese Government for economic development and elimination of poverty and corruption in Pakistan.  He said that role of legislative institutions and political leadership of the country is very important in eradication of corruption and poverty.  Stressing the need for enhanced contacts between the NPC and National Assembly of Pakistan Mr  Zhang Chunxian said that  the closed interaction between the Parliamentarians of both the countries would provide opportunities to learn from each other experiences.

The Parliamentary Staff is the key role to run the proceeding of the Parliament House along with the National Representatives - November 8, 2018

Parliament Considers as Centre Of Democracy in Parliamentary System of Government: NA Deputy Speaker - November 5, 2018

Islamabad November 5, 2018:  The Deputy Speaker National Assembly and Vice President Board of Governors Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services (PIPS) Qasim Khan Soori has said that in Parliamentary System of Government Parliament considered centre of democracy.  He said that Parliament is an important constitutional institution for legislation, Government oversight and public representation. He expressed these views while addressing the inaugural ceremony of 5th National Parliamentary Development Course (NPDC) at PIPS on Monday.

The Deputy Speaker said that the role of Parliamentary staff was very important in transaction of parliamentary business. He said that basic responsibility of the Parliamentary staff is to assist the people representatives in legislation, research and other important issues. He said that Parliamentary Staff will assist the Parliamentarian in a better way if they were skillful and have expertise in their profession. He appreciated the initiative of PIPS for holding NPDC and expressed the hope that it will prove beneficial for the participants of the course in performing their duties. He said that only those countries were strong and powerful whose people were well educated and skillful.

The Deputy Speaker said that Parliament is orbit of expectations of the people of the country and people have lot of expectations from the present Parliament. He said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has taken reign of the Government in such difficult circumstances when at one hand the country was facing lot of challenges and at the other hand under burden of 30 thousand billion rupees loan. He said that during the last 10 years loans of 24 billion rupees thousands was taken which was spent on debaucheries of the ruling class and corruption instead of welfare of the people and development of the country. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was taking keen interest to pull the country out of crises and strengthening the economy. He expressed the confidence that under the leadership of Imran Khan incumbent Government will succeed to overcome the challenges. He said that elimination of corruption, accountability and welfare of the people of the country was the topmost priority of the incumbent Government. He said we have to work together for progress and prosperity of the country. He urged upon the participants of the course to perform their duties as national obligations.

On this occasion the Executive Director PIPS Zafarullah Khan addressing the ceremony and informed the participants about objectives and aims of the course and steps taken by the PIPS for capacity building of Parliamentary staff and Parliamentarians. He said that this training programme was designed keeping in view intellectual and professional challenges faced by the parliamentary functionaries in performing parliamentary business. He said that the officers from National Assembly, Senate of Pakistan, Balochistan Assembly, Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa Assembly and Legislative Assemblies of AJK and Gilgit Baltistan were participating in the course. 

NA Deputy Speaker condole the death of Dr. Saling Khan Achakzai - October 16, 2018

Mentally Insane People Deserve Special Attention of Society. NA Deputy Speaker - October 2, 2018

Islamabad 2, October 2018:  The Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri has said that provision of better health facilities to the masses is the top priority of the incumbent Government  and Special National Task Force has been constituted to attain this task.  He said that the people suffering from mental illness and depression were needed special attention of the society. He expressed these views while talking to the participants of International Diploma on Mental Health Law and Human Rights organized by Department of Psychology of International Islamic University Islamabad who called on him on Tuesday in Parliament House. 
The Deputy Speaker has said that disease of depression and mental illness was increasing rapidly and main causes of this disease was social injustices, violence, abuses and terrorism.   Eulogizing the efforts of International Islamic University for organizing Diploma Course on Mental Health and Human rights he said that mental health was major problem now a days and to avoid the children to become prey of depression awareness about it should be initiated at school level.  He said that the doctors and experts relating to mental diseases were doing noble cause.   He said that mentally upset people were more vulnerable segment of the society and even their family members neglect them.  However, these people deserve special attention and affection.  He said that our little attention can make these people valuable citizen of the society.  He urged upon the doctors to give special attention to mentally depressed people. He assured the participants his all-out  support  for  enactment of law regarding mental health.  He asked the participants to give their suggestion in written for formulating laws regarding mental health, their suggestions will be sent to Ministry of Health for preparation of Bill to submit in the National Assembly.  He also appreciated the efforts of Dr. Ahsan Naveed President Insaf Sehat Programme.
                On this occasion Vice President and Chairman Psychology Department of International Islamic University Professor Dr. Tahir Khalil thanked the Deputy Speaker.  He said that we have the experts in the field of psychology however the services level are not up to the standard as it should be.  He said that this Diploma Course was organized for restoration of that segment of the society which was even ignored by their family members. He said that there is need amendments in the Ordinance, 2001 about mental health. He urged the need for enactment of mental health Act.

The Ambassador of Japan calls on Deputy Speaker - September 13, 2018

Japanese Ambassador Calls Deputy Speaker National Assembly - September 13, 2018

lamabad September 13, 2018:  The Deputy Speaker National Assembly Muhammad Qasim Khan Suri has said that Pakistan values high its relations with Japan and wanted to further strengthening the existing relations through enhance Parliamentary and economic cooperation.  He expressed these views while talking to Ambassador of Japan  Mr. Takashi Kurai  who called on him at Parliament House on Thursday.
             The Deputy Speaker welcomed the Ambassador and said that Pakistan and Japan enjoyed decades long friendly relations.  He said that incumbent Government in Pakistan wanted to work closely with Japan to expand bilateral cooperation in all areas particularly in trade, investment , economic and human development.  He appreciated the assistance of Japan in economic  and social sectors in Pakistan.  He said that present elimination of poverty, unemployment, backwardness , corruption and lessen burden foreign debt was the top priority of the incumbent Government.  He said that assistance of friendly countries needed to accomplish social and economic agenda of the Government.  He said that Japanese nation is resilient nation and after 2nd World War combated difficult circumstances steadfastly.
            He Said that Balochistan is economic gateway of Pakistan and     opulent with natural resources.  He said that ample opportunities of investment exist in Balochistan from which Japanese investors can be benefitted and asked the Ambassador to persuade the Japanese investors to take advantage from these opportunities.  He said that scarcity of water is a big problem in Balochistan at present and Japan should come forward to resolve this problem which will be token of goodwill to the people of Baluchistan.  He said that human resource development is top priority of present Government and sought the support  in education sectors and vocational training.  He also expressed grief and sorrow over the losses of precious and properties lives in recent earthquake in Japan.
            The Ambassador of Japan Mr. Takashi Kurai  appreciating the sentiments of  the Deputy Speaker regarding Japan he said that his Government also desired to work closely with Pakistan.    He congratulated him on assuming the office of Deputy Speaker.  He said that Japan and Pakistan have a long history of economic and development cooperation and his Government wanted to strengthen the bilateral relations.  He appreciated the policies of present Government and assured the Deputy Speaker to continue the support of his Government in social and economic sectors.

Ambassador Of China Calls On Deputy Speaker NA - September 10, 2018

Islamabad September 10, 2018:  Ambassador of China Mr. Yao Ging called on Deputy Speaker National Assembly Muhammad Qasim Khan Suri at Islamabad on Monday.  The matters related bilateral relations and important regional and international issued were discussed in the meeting.

The Deputy Speaker said that Pakistan and China enjoyed exemplary friendship and both the countries stood with each other in every thick and thin.  He said that Pak-China relations based on strong foundation of mutual respect and trust.  He said that relations with China was bedrock of Pakistan’s foreign policy.  He said that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project is a game changer for regional development.  He said that this project will enhance economic activities and generate employment opportunities in region.  He said that Pakistan is fully committed for early completion of this project.  He appreciated the keen interest of China in socio-economics development in Pakistan.  The eradication of poverty, illiteracy and unemployment was the top agenda of incumbent Government.  He said that the cooperation of friends countries like China is needed to accomplish this agenda.  He said that the leaderships of both the counties committed to further strengthening the bilateral relations and have shared vision of progress and development of the region.  He underlined the need for regular interaction between the Parliamentarians of both the countries to further strengthening bilateral relations.

Ambassador of China Mr. Yao Ging has said that Pakistan and China are ironed brother and all weather strategic partners.  He said that Pakistan have an extra ordinary importance in China’s Strategic Calculation.  He said that Pakistan and China have shared vision for regional, peace and development manifested in unanimous support for CEPC.  He said that China was taking keen interest in progress and development of Balochistan and various development projects with the cooperation of China were in progress in the Province for this purpose.  He remarked that China will continue to support Pakistan in technology, infrastructure development and exploration of renewable energy resources.

NA Deputy Speaker Expresses Grave Concern Over Off Loading Of Hujjaj Ikram from Balochistan at Karachi Instead Of Quetta - September 6, 2018

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