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Zahid Akram Durrani vows to continue struggle for Bannu’s development

Tuesday, 14th March, 2023

Zahid Akram Durrani vows to continue struggle for Bannu’s development
BANNU, MAR 14(PID DIKhan): Deputy Speaker National Assembly Zahid Akrman Durrani on Tuesday vowed to continue the struggle for the development of Bannu.
Addressing a gas supply inauguration ceremony, he said that Pakistan Tehree-I-Insaf(PTI) did not pay heed to uplift the underdeveloped areas of the province despite it remaining in power both in the province as wells in center.
He alleged that the opposition members were denied development funds despite the fact it was a set principle that 40 percent of funds were given to the opposition members while 60 percent of funds were given to members of treasury benches.
As a result, Zahid Akram Durrani said the districts from which oppositions belonged lagged behind in terms of development over the last three and a half years tenure of the PTI.
He said that JUI-F had reposed trust in him by assigning him important responsibilities in the National Assembly and today he was completing the unfinished agenda of development which had been initiated by Akaram Khan Durrani, he added.
He said that supply of gas would be provided to remaining areas of already commissioned localities of phase-I which include  Sokari, Amandi, Bazar Ahmad Khan, Hinjal and Fatima Khel at total cost of Rs21.5 million.
He said it was only the JUI-F party that had always worked for the development of masses and  appealed to people  to not put trust in opportunities.
Speaking on the occasion, the local people expressed gratitude to the National Assembly Deputy Speaker for taking keen interest in the development of their area.