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The Sitting of the National Assembly has been adjourned to meet again on Thursday, the 20th June, 2024, at 5:00 p.m.
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Pakistan’s progress is linked with women empowerment: says NA Speaker

Wednesday, 8th March, 2023

Constitution guarantees provision of all fundamental rights to women: Dr Shahida Rehmani Secretary WPC
Islamabad: March 8, 2023; National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf addressed the "International Women's Day Celebration Event" organized by the Women's Parliamentary Caucus in Islamabad today. He extended heartfelt greetings to all women of Pakistan on this auspicious day.
While addressing the event, the Speaker paid tribute to the resilient women of Pakistan who played a pertinent role in the Pakistan Movement. He added that he is proud of the fact that his political upbringing was done by the first female Prime Minister, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.
The Speaker stressed that the progress of Pakistan is linked with women's empowerment. He applauded the trailblazing women creating history in all walks of life. He also said, "The society in which the rights of women are protected is the society that develops."
Speaker NA added, "It is the Pakistan People's Party which has played the most important role in empowering women.” He also expressed that Pakistani women have made their mark with their commendable contributions in every field, as the struggle of Ms. Fatima Jinnah and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto is a torch for women around the world. He expressed, "Shaheed Benazir Bhutto bravely fought two dictators to restore democracy in the country." The first woman prime minister, first woman speaker, and minister of information and broadcasting of the Islamic world belonged to the Pakistan People's Party, as women in our Parliament are playing a pivotal important role." The honor and respect of women is the honor and respect of all of us," NA Speaker remarked. He applauded Secretary WPC Ms. Shahida Rehmani and her team for organising the event.
Secretary WPC Dr Shahida Rehmani also addressed the event. In her welcome address, she stated that Benazir Bhutto, Fatima Jinnah, and Kulsoom Nawaz are role models for all women for their struggle for democracy. She remarked that UN’s theme for 2023 “DigitAll” is pertinent for Pakistan’s progress. She added "Pakistan’s constitution provides equal rights to all."
Federal Minister of Climate Change Ms Sherry Rehman congratulated all women on International Women’s Day and thanked allies for their support. She appreciated WPC for the role it plays in supporting women Parliamentarians irrespective of party lines. She added that women contribute the most to Pakistan’s economy in all sectors and their contributions should be acknowledged.