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The Sitting of the National Assembly has been adjourned to meet again on Friday, the 9th June, 2023 at 4.00 p.m. |The Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) has been adjourned to meet again on Monday the 10th July, 2023, at, in the Parliament House, Islamabad. Committee Meetings:11:00 AM: Cabinet Secretariat (Revised) at Committee Room No.7, Parliament House, Islamabad | 11:00 AM: Meetings of the Sub-Committee-VIII of PAC at Committee Room No. 2 | 01:00 PM: 51st to 68th meetings of Special Committee on Affected Employees at Old PIPS Hall, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad | 01:30 PM: Meetings of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) at Committee Room No. 2 | 02:00 PM: Sub-Committee of S.C. on Government Assurances at Committee Room No. 7 |
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Prime obligation of Public Representatives is to Ensure Easy Access to the Fundamental Right of Identity: NA Deputy Speaker

Tuesday, 18th January, 2022

Islamabad: 18th January 2022; Coordination Committee (NADRA), under the Conveniership of Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri, took notice of non -functionality of District Boards regarding the issue of Blocked Identity cards. The committee proposed altering the formation of District Boards as NADRA briefed the participants about non-functionality of these boards. The committee observed that being Public Representatives it is their prime obligation to ensure easy access to the fundamental right of “Identity” for its citizens. The committee also observed that smaller provinces need special attention from NADRA as Balochistan is the only province which did not have NADRA mega centers to facilitate the common people. The committee also proposed that the number of female centers be increased especially in KPK and Balochistan to facilitate women of these areas. The committee appreciated the performance of Chairman NADRA regarding recruitment of local people to facilitate the local and it also appreciated the inclusive policy of NADRA on latest technology analyst. The committee observed dismay over the word “Alien” and proposed to change its name immediately as the word “Alien” is disrespect to its holders. The meeting of the Coordination Committee (NADRA) was held under the Chairmanship of Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri in the Parliament House today.
While observing the sensitivity attached with the issue of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri said that identity is a fundamental right  to each Pakistani. He said that there must not be any discrimination on the basis of nationality and language in the provision of CNIC. He expressed his dissatisfaction over non-establishment of the Mega center of NADRA in Balochistan. He instructed NADRA to immediately complete the establishment of NADRA mega center in Quetta. He also took notice of the fact that the 95 percent of NADRA centers are being functioned in rented buildings. He stressed on the need to review this trend as NADRA deals with sensitive data. He also stressed to develop a proper payment mechanism for overseas Pakistanis so that they can easily pay NADRA for its services.
Chairman NADRA Muhammad Tariq Malik briefed the participants initiatives of NADRA for inclusive identity. He also briefed the participants of the meeting regarding its initiatives of issuance of Succession certificates and Armed license procedure. He also said that a total 157 districts of the country and 510 Tehsils out of 543 Tehsils in the country have NADRA centers and he said that till June 2022 the target of establishment of NADRA centre in each Tehsil of the country would be fulfilled. that there are 13 Ambessies where NADRA has its office and soon the number of offices would be Increased.
The meeting was attended by MNAs Mr. Gul Dad Khan, Muahmmad Alamgir Khan, Sardar Muhammad Israr Tareen and Senior officers of NADRA and National Assembly Secretariat.