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In exercise of the powers conferred by proviso to rule 4 of the Parliament (Joint Sittings) Rules, 1973, the Hon. Speaker has been pleased to call the Sitting of the Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) on Monday, the 10th April, 2023 at 11.00 a.m. instead of Wednesday, the 15th March, 2023 at | Committee Meetings:11:00 AM: 44th meeting of the SC on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination (Postponed) at Constitution Room (Old Committee Room No.5) Parliament House | 01:30 PM: Meetings of the Public Accounts Committee (Postponed) at Committee Room No.7, 4th floor Parliament House | 02:00 PM: Federal Education and Professinal Training (Cancelled) at Committee Room No. 7 | 02:00 PM: Cabinet Secretariat (Cancelled) at Constitution Room (Committee Room No.5) | 02:00 PM: Special Committee on Affected Employees at Old PIPS Hall, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad | 04:00 PM: Meetings of the Sub-Committee-IV of PAC (Revised) at Committee Room No. 2 |
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S.No. Constituency Name Party Address Phone Picture
1. NA-58  Raja Pervez Ashraf, Speaker National Assembly (President) PPPP  Speaker House, Ministers Enclave, Islamabad 051-9221082, 051-9221083, 051-9212531  
2. NA-186   Mr. Aamir Talal Gopang (Convener)  PTI  G-105, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0321-2222174  
3. NA-1  Moulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali  MMAP  G-408, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0345-9411119, 0333-9100811  
4. NA-66  Chaudhary Farrukh Altaf  PTI  G-205 Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0544-623999, 0300-8510510  
5. NA-71  Chaudhry Abid Raza  PML-N  H-309, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0345-6276231, 051-9213050  
6. NA-99  Mr. Mehar Ghulam Muhammad Lali  PTI  E-110, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0333-9704444  
7. NA-125  Mr. Waheed Alam Khan  PML-N  G-410 Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0322-4826839, 042-37231698  
8. NA-142  Mr. Riaz Ul Haq  PML-N  A-103, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0300-5113380, 0300-4298829  
9. NA-143  Rao Muhammad Ajmal Khan  PML-N  A-101, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0321-4665050, 0444-4541111  
10. NA-145  Mr. Ahmad Raza Maneka  PML-N  E-304, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0300-8452073  
11. NA-148  Chaudry Muhammad Ashraf  PML-N  J-306, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0404-551439, 0321-4549752  
12. NA-168   Mr. Ehsan Ul Haq Bajwa  PML-N  J-412 Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0307-7474174, 00971556174174  
13. NA-169   Mr. Noor Ul Hassan Tanvir  PML-N  A-408, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 00971504521130, 0333-4141444  
14. NA-182   Mahar Irshad Ahmad Khan  PPPP  C-408, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0300-7480848, 0345-8535551  
15. NA-184   Nawabzada Iftakhar Ahmed Khan Babar  PPPP  E-311, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0301-6555503, 0333-6035503  
16. NA-198  Mr. Abid Hussain Bhayo  PPPP  J-303, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0344-6440208  
17. NA-251   Syed Amin Ul Haque  MQMP  J-502, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad 0300-3643517  
18. RS (Women)  Ms. Tahira Aurangzeb  PML-N  J-302, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad N/A  
19. RS (Women)  Ms. Nasiba Channa  PPPP  Suite No.36 Govt. Hostel, Islamabad N/A  
20. RS (Women)  Ms. Shamim Ara Panhwar  PPPP  Suite No.12 Govt. Hostel, Islamabad N/A