Last Updated On: 25th October 2021, 08:44 PM
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The National Assembly Session has been prorogued on Friday, the 22nd October, 2021 Committee Meetings:10:00 AM: Meeting of the Sub-Committee-VIII of PAC at Committee Room No. 2 | 11:00 AM: Sub-Committee of the S.C. on Railways at D Block, Pak Sectt., Islamabad | 03:00 PM: Meeting of the Sub-Committee-VII of PAC (Cancelled) at Committee Room No. 2 |
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Rare Documents

The library has some very rare collections regarding constitutional, legislative and political history of Pakistan. In order to preserve this national heritage, a number of rare documents from this historic archive have been scanned and converted into digitalized format. For more details, Library staff may be contacted.

# Titles
1. Manifesto of the Punjab Provincial Muslim League.
2. Letters of Iqbal to Jinnah.
3. Presidential Address Allahabad Session December 1930.
4. Jinnah Gandhi Talks September 1944.
5. History of the Origin of Fourteen Points by M.A. Jinnah.
6. Proceedings of the Annual Meetings of the All-India Muslem League Amritsar 1903.
7. All-India Moslem League Annual Reports 1910.
8. Supplement to the Proceedings of the 10th Sessions of the All India Moslem League Calcutta 1917-18
9. All India Muslim League Presidential Address Jinnah October 1937.
10. List of the Members of the Council of the All India Muslim League 1939
11. List of the Members of the Council of the All India Muslim League 1941.
12. Speech by Mr. Syed Nabi Ullah President of the All India Muslim League Nagpur Session 1910.
13. Speeches of Quaid-e-Azam in the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan 1947-48
14. Short Biographical Sketches of Members of the Constituent Assembly.
15. Who’s Who in the National Assembly of Pakistan 1972-77.
16. Report of the Constitution Committee Presented to the National Assembly of Pakistan on 31st December 1972.
17. PPP.NAP.JUI the Tripartite Accord March 1972.