Last Updated On: 24th August 2019, 06:50 PM
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The President has been pleased to summon both Houses to assemble together in the Parliament House, Islamabad on Friday, the 30th August, 2019, at 05.00 p.m. | The National Assembly has been summoned to meet on Monday, the 2nd September, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. in the Parliament House, Islamabad |


Climate Change

S.No. Name Party Contact No./Email Constituency # Picture
1. Ms. Munaza Hassan (Chairperson)   PTI   --- RS (Women)    
2. Dr. Haider Ali Khan  PTI  0946-745333, 0300-5749444 NA-2   
3. Mr. Afreen Khan  MMAP  0300-3968667 NA-11   
4. Mr. Khial Zaman  PTI  051-9213219,03000553139 NA-33   
5. Mr. Tahir Sadiq  PTI  0321-5738416, 0592-702031 NA-55   
6. Mr. Rai Muhammad Murtaza Iqbal  PTI  0405-486333, 0334-6423028 NA-149   
7. Syed Mustafa Mahmud  PPPP  042-35833124-5, 0300-9509820 NA-178    
8. Ms. Shazia Marri  PPPP  N/A NA-216   
9. Engr. Sabir Hussain Kaim Khani  MQMP  0300-9379456 NA-226   
10. Mr. Muhammad Alamgir Khan  PTI  0333-2424420 NA-243    
11. Ms. Tahira Aurangzeb  PML-N  N/A RS (Women)   
12. Ms. Shaista Pervaiz  PML-N  N/A RS (Women)   
13. Ms. Rubina Irfan  BAP  N/A RS (Women)   
14. Ms. Shahida Rehmani  PPPP  N/A RS (Women)   
15. Ms. Zahra Wadood Fatemi  PML-N  N/A RS (Women)   
16. Ms. Romina Khurshid Alam  PML-N  N/A RS (Women)   
17. Ms. Musarrat Asif Khawaja  PML-N  N/A RS (Women)   
18. Ms. Andleeb Abbas  PTI  N/A RS (Women)   
19. Ms. Aliya Hamza Malik  PTI  N/A RS (Women)   
20. Dr. Seemi Bukhari  PTI  N/A RS (Women)   
21. (Minister In-charge)   N/A Ex-Officio Member